Lydia B attended the recent workshop Preparing for Submission and says

“I definately enjoyed the day and have not been able to stop thinking about all that we learnt and how I can apply to my own writing.  It is my turn to submit my work this month, and I am thinking I may need to draw on my poetry to see me through.”

Margie R has attended  Preparing for Submission and Giving and Receiving feedback and says

Annie’s deftness in bringing out the best in others is superlative.  She uses humour, energy and enthusiasm to lighten every situation and of course the nurturing, non-judgemental atmosphere starts the creative juices flowing.  Annie’s perceptiveness and insight into The Human Condition (even though it might be a sci-fi creature we’re discussing!) makes her the perfect facilitator for workshops.  As a professional editor and proofreader, over the years I have been exposed to a lot of ‘stuff’ and Annie’s the one I go to when I have the need to discuss things writing-related.  She’s a gem!

Howard writes

I’m from the Samford Writers Group and would like to identify myself as a non published writer with little experience in writing, other than long letters when jouneying the world with varied reports from some of the most unusual places where my various ships took me or my work writing of quite extensive technical papers.
I found Annie’s workshops decidedly educational when I gained understanding of practices and procedures of which I was somewhat surprised to find I knew little.  The down side is that I have re-read some of my works and recognise that they are not only ‘lacking’ but are incorrect in a number of aspects.  I am now very much obliged to Annie to have provided me with a fresh approach to my endeavours. Thank You!